The work OVDesigns is doing would not be possible without the help of our great partners. We want to say thanks to all of our partners for helping us out in the moment of need.

Find out more about who our partners are and what they are doing.



GreenPac Ilab is the supporting organisation that helps small startups on their way to a scale up. Because of GreenPac Ilab has OVDesigns the chance to grow and corporate with bigger company’s. They are supplying the connecting factor between OVDesigns and our partners.

NHL Stenden University Of Applied Science is supplying their expertise in polymers, in the development of the coffee polymers. NHL Stenden supplies facilities and researchers to speed up the process of the development.

Coffee Recycling has a network of suppliers of used coffee grounds. Coffee Recycling dries and delivers all the needed coffee to develop and produce the Coffee Polymers.

PBS Machinery is developing and supplying the needed machinery to start scaling the production of the coffee polymers to a next level.

VMT Products is developing and supplying the needed injection moulds for the production of test and sample products like our own designed coffee tray.

Barista Brothers is helping out with the promotion videos. All of the coffee you see is made out of these barista’s hands. They make it possible to make our promotion videos in beautiful locations.

Espressobar Maling is our supplier from our favorite ideation fluid; coffee. They make the best coffee and help us out in brainstorm sessions to improve the material and products.

Regieorgaan SIA has honoured OVDesigns a subsidy to finish the feasibility study. This subsidy has made it possible to dive in the development of the coffee polymer.






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